• On-Boarding Tool – Simply complete a quick form (custom to your customers) and our team will get to work provisioning the cloud server pre-loaded with your application. Your team(s) will be notified as the client travels through the on-boarding stages.
  • Off-Boarding Tool – We never like to see anyone leave, however ensuring that their experience is smooth and predictable is an important step in their journey with your software. Many clients return to the platform if their new software choice does not work out.
  • Billing – Our finance department works directly with your finance team to set up cloud services billing in the way they want to see it.  Our billing is custom designed with your team in mind.
  • Status Sheet – Every on / off-boarding is tracked and accessible in the portal.  You will have direct insight into the current stage your client on-board is in, their cloud configuration, cloud server identification, and more.
  • Status Information – The Think Smart team is ready to assist you when needed.  Your portal contains contact information from front line technical support to the president of the company.  You’re never left without a way to contact whomever you need.
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