Protect your practice data by having a complete real time copy of ALL your practice and patient data anywhere you have a simple Internet connection.

Your Data Files Synchronized In Near Real Time.

As the data on your cloud server changes, copies of those changes are sent to your My Data My Way device within minutes.


No Contracts, No Time Commitments

My Data My Way works so well, we’re confident that you will love the peace of mind it gives you. if you don’t, you can cancel at anytime without any hassle.


Access To Your Data Anytime Day or Night

You have direct access to your data directly from a web browser. Simply login and download all your practice & patient data anytime you want.


Unlimited Versions of Your Data

My Data My Way automatically stores five copies of your patient & exam database.  Want more versions, no problem.  You can optionally add 10, 20, or even more days


Complete End to End Encryption

My Data My Way uses the strongest cryptography signatures and TLS encryption to ensure your data is secure during transfer.


Store Your Data In Multiple Locations

My Data My Way allows for an unlimited number of devices to be added for offsite protection.  Put one in your practice, your home, or anywhere there is internet access.



Incredibly Fast Transfer Times

Your data is sent directly to the My Data My Way device and stored on ultra fast Solid State storage.


Pre-Configured, Just Plug It In

When your My Data My Way device arrives, you simply plug it in to your Internet router and turn it on. The syncing will start immediately.


My Data My Way gives the control over your practice management, exam records, patient data, and electronics documents by synchronizing all your critical data from your cloud server to the MDMW Device in near real time. 

Every five minutes the My Data my Way application checks for updated files on the your cloud server.  When new data or updated data is detected the server securely authenticates using and advanced with the My Data My Way remote device and initiates the synchronization process. The My Data My Way remote device signals when the data has been verified and disconnects the connection to the cloud server.  This process repeats every 5 minutes ensuring your practice data is always up to date.

Learn More About My Data My Way?

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