Practice Protect Provides Complete Server Protection for Less Than a Cup of Coffee

  • Unlimited OfficeMate® Upgrades or Installs
  • Managed Anti-Virus Included
  • 24 x 7 Server Monitoring
  • Flat Monthly Fee – No Surprises
  • Emergency Cloud Hosting – When your Server Fails

Protect the Investment You've Made in Your Server

You’ve made a significant investment in your technology for your practice and just like any investment, protecting it will increase its life and save you money.  Like any piece of equipment that you rely on, servers need care, maintenance, and protection. Unlike consumer oriented desktop machines, server failures can be costly and your practice’s data could be at risk. A Gartner Group study shows that the average cost for a server failure is more than $1,300; and thats just for components.  After adding in costly network engineers your costs could easily soar above $3,000. Practice Protect reduces those worries by performing ongoing regular maintenance on your server to make sure its running in tip top shape.  We also manage the server, so should anything go wrong your support and engineering time is no cost to you, no matter how long it takes! Finally a way for you to concentrate on your patients and not your computer network.

Practice Protect is the most comprehensive server protection plan ever offered to OfficeMate practices.  Practice Protect is complete monitoring, management, maintenance, virus protection, and performance tuning for your OfficeMate server.

Emergency Cloud Hosting Services. Think Smart is the only provider that offers this unique service. If you are an active Practice Protect and Practice Shadow Backup subscriber, we will provide Emergency Cloud Hosting during the physical repair and re-installation of your on premise server*

*Please speak with your Think Smart Account Manager for exclusions and limitations regarding our Emergency Cloud Hosting service.

There are thousands of things that could cripple a server reducing its performance to unacceptable levels without taking the server completely down.  In cases like these you need more than a reactive support insurance policy, Practice Protect is much more than just an insurance policy against failure, it’s a comprehensive maintenance and continuous performance tuning service. Think Smart’s OfficeMate experienced engineers examine system statistics and reports constantly adjusting the performance and reliability of your server to ensure that its always available. Everything from virus infections to complete system outages are covered without extra cost to you.

Included with every subscription to Practice Protect is your OfficeMate upgrade or new installation and ALL OfficeMate or ExamWRITER upgrades or patches as they are released. No longer do you have to take a chance with an I.T. provider that knows nothing about OfficeMate.  All of your upgrades, patches, and installations are covered for the lifetime of your subscription at no additional cost.  Typical cost to have an upgrade installed by an I.T. professional or Eyefinity is $1,000.  Eyefinity usual release is two versions per year. Just the free upgrade feature of the plan covers more than the entire annual cost. 

Practice Protect is like having a OfficeMate computer expert on staff taking care of your server 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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